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Why do I need a wedding planner?

Organising a wedding is a mammoth task, taking a few HUNDRED hours to plan. It’s a huge amount of time and energy to put into something you likely won’t know anything about.

Hiring a wedding planner saves you precious time and stress, enabling you to actually ENJOY the process. You don’t want your wedding to feel like a chore.

A common misconseption is that wedding planners are a huge added expense to the budget, when in actual fact, wedding planners will SAVE you money. This is done through financial planning, negotiating, contacts and knowing what’s good value for money and when you’re being ripped off.

You can be involved with all the fun stuff and leave the boring wedmin, numbers and spreadsheets to us.

How do I know you're the right wedding planner for me?

Wedding planners are like cups of tea. It’s all down to your taste and preferences.

The best way to know if a wedding planner is right for you is by booking a consultation and having a chat in person (or on a video call.) You will get a vibe and KNOW if they are the right fit for you. Remember that a planner will be with you every step of the way and by your side on the day itself! You need to have a good connection and feel a sense of trust.

You also need to ensure their style resonates with you. Most wedding planners will have a specific niche that they focus on and it’s best that you hire a planner who already specialises in a look that you love. Have a nosey at their photos to get a good feel for it.

How many weddings do you take on a year?

To ensure my clients get the attention they deserve, I only take on a hanful of full plan weddings a year, so I recommend enquiring early to secure your date.

I also perform at events as a singer as well, so I take on less weddings than most planners! This means that all of my couples are very special.

What if I want to plan some of the wedding myself?

You can absolutely plan as much or as little of the wedding yourself as you want to. It’s your wedding! I’m not here to dictate how everything should be done. You tell me what you need help with and I’ll take off however much of the load you need.

Additionally to Full Planning, I also offer a Tailored Planning package, where you select which specific elements you need help with and we create a bespoke package for you.

If you just want help with the final details and on the day, I offer a Month Of Coordination package where I take over the reins at the last hurdle. This allows you to relax and enjoy the build up to the day.

My venue already has a coordinator. What's the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator and why do I need both?

This is a question I get asked A LOT! Yes, you absolutely need both and here’s why. These are two very different jobs.

A venue coordinator’s role is to look after the venue. They know the ins and outs of how things are run, manage their staff and ensure everything functions as it usually would.

A wedding coordinator’s role is to look after the couple. They know the ins and outs of their preferences, priorities and needs, ensure they are tended to throughout the day and all specific requirements are met.

For the most seamless day possible, you need BOTH to run alongside eachother.

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