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A B O U T  M E


My Story

Before becoming a wedding planner, I was a professional singer touring the world on cruise ships in a party band. Before that I was living in London as an actor, and before that I was studying Performance at University. I have extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and all that comes with putting on a spectacular show - and boy do I like to wow a crowd!

I love to entertain... and I love to be entertained. 

I'm a creative soul through and through. I've always found so much joy and satisfaction in designing and making things with my own hands. From knitting, macrame and tye dying, to baking cakes and making floral displays out of locally foraged flowers. I love to be hands-on whenever I can and to add a personal touch to anything I do.

Creating Memories

Memories are the videos we keep in our hearts forever. I'm a passionate advocate for making time to let your hair down and have some fun with the people you love. Laughing, sharing stories and dancing the night away - there's nothing better for me.

I was always that friend who arranged all the get-togethers, dinners and holidays, and even from a young age I would take my little clipboard out and organise the family parties (I do love a list!) I simply thrive off of being surrounded by good souls and good music, eating good food, cheersing good wine and seeing nothing but a sea of smiles.



A Hopeless Romantic...

Nothing gives me that warm fuzzy feeling more than a happily ever after. The idea of playing such a huge role in producing that significant occasion for couples was such a thrilling concept for me. Perhaps I'm a bit of a dreamer at times, but I believe we all deserve a little slice of heaven by living that fairytale moment just once in our lives.

One day, during a difficult period of my life, I came to the realisation that my skills were perfectly suited to creating and delivering said magical, happiest day of a couple's life, and what a pleasure and honour it would be. From there, Weddings by Freya Jane was born and I've never looked back since. So here I am, ready to wave my magic wand and take you on one of the most special journeys of your life.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't actually own a magic wand, fairy dust, a genie bottle or magic carpet, but I DO have a shed load of spreadsheets, design templates, budget plans, creativity and positive energy ready at your disposal.

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