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10 Fun Wedding Games

Weddings are about love and commitment, but for some couples, their wedding day is also largely about fun! It's most important that you as the couple enjoy yourselves, but I think it's also important to keep guest experience in mind, for all of your lovely friends and family. Games are a great way of keeping both adults and children entertained throughout the day, so here are 10 fun ideas that you can incorperate into your wedding.

Lawn Games

You can't beat old fashioned lawn games. Get all the old classics in giant size, like giant jenga, connect four and noughts and crosses. Don't forget the likes of skittles, corn hole, croquet and quoits - games that can be enjoyed by all ages! There's nothing quite like a group of grown men in suits jumping around in a sack race.

You might be thinking, is that going to look tacky? Well, most of these lawn games come in classic, neautral wooden colours, and in my opinion are aesthetically pleasing at any wedding. Lawn games are best utilised during the drinks reception, so providing you end up with a warm and dry enough day, they are perfect for an outdoor setting.

The Shoe Game

This game involves the bride and groom sitting back to back, holding their shoe. A member of the bridal party can act as host, and ask the newlyweds a series of questions, such as "who is the better cook?" If they belive it's them, they then raise their shoe.

It's often a pretty comical one, and you can also make it inclusive by asking guests to write the questions and post them in a box before the game begins (just make sure your host is censoring them before reading them out loud!)

Drinking Games

If you're having a more relaxed wedding, then why not bring the old Uni drinking games into play. Beer pong and flip cup for example are really easy set ups that you can have laid out on tables ready to be played. It might not appeal to everyone, and you should be prepared for some wobbly guests stumbling around a little earlier than others, but if you're a couple who loves to party, then why not bring a bit of boozy competition into the mix for those fun-loving friends and family of yours.

Table Games

There's no better ice breaker than to have your guests play a game with their table mates. It will help them get to know one another quickly, and can be a great way of passing time and keeping everyone entertained while they're waiting for their food.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This one could be played individually or in pairs. The bride and groom will provide a list of moments that guests need to capture on their phones or cameras. For example, one could be "the newlyweds kissing", or "someone doing a shot". This will be a fun activity that all can opt in or out of, and it also means you will end up with even more photos to keep at the end of the wedding!


You can't beat an old-fashioned dare. Give each of your guests at least one to do, which could be on the back of their namecard, or stuck to the bottom of their chair perhaps. Naturally, you'll be writing these dares yourself, so you can tailor them to each person's personality. For example, you might want to give your confident best man a dare to kiss the prettiest girl in the room, but for shy little Auntie Janet, the limit might be a dare to take a selfie.

After a certain amount of time, the table who has completed the most amount of dares, wins.

Bride and Groom Trivia Quiz

Why not get the whole room involved in a quiz, all about you, the couple. Divulge as little or as much information about your lives and relationship as you want! It could be full of funny stories, or interesting facts most of your friends and family might not know.

If you're really brave, then get a member or two of your bridal party to write it, like your maid of honor and/or a groomsman.

Games for the Kids

Now, we all know that if kids are going to be present at any life event, then they need to be entertained one way or another, and ideally you don't want that to be solely by their parents all day. It's a good idea to provide things for the kids to do. Simply placing colouring packs on each childs place setting could keep them occupied for at least a couple of hours, or have a dedicated room for children and lay out an arts and crafts station, a playdo station and a lego station for example - like a mini creche. (If you can afford it, then I would seriously consider hiring a childcare service, which will provide all of this for you and watch the children while their parents are able to enjoy the wedding antics.)


Not neccessarily one that might spring to mind for a wedding, more like childrens party vibes, but you would be surprised how much adults can enjoy this. Have the pinata made into something wedding related like a cake, and then fill it with something adult friendly. Mini bottles of liquor could be a good idea, though be mindful of what they'll be landing on if they're made of glass. Alcoholic chocolates or toffies could be another option.

Board Game Station

For the calmer guests, why not have a board game station. Lay out some of the classics like scrabble and Uno that everyone can play. If you really want to find out who's competative then set up a game of Monopoly and let the ruthlessness commence.


If you're hoping for a really classy affair, then some of these games might not be appropriate, other than the likes of croquet and quiots, which can fit really well into a sophisticated affair. However, if your demographic of guests generally like to have a good laugh, then coming up with organised games can be a really low cost way of providing entertainment that everyone can get involved in.

If you're ever at a loose end for wedding ideas or you're stuck at any point in your planning journey, then I would love to assist you in any way I can, so don't hesitate to reach out via email at


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