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Tableware To Consider For Your Wedding

When you envision your dream wedding, I doubt you're picturing plain tables with nothing but white linen and silver cutlery... or you might be, in which case you probably won't be too interested in all the different options available! If you are however, then let me enlighten you. We've come a long way over the past decade and companies are now offering a huge variety of tableware options. I'm an absolute sucker for a beautiful tablescape, so let's talk through each element and the endless possibilies...


Let's start at the foundation of the table. Linen in the base layer that you build upon. It's still very common to use white tablecloths, often provided by your venue, but you aren't limited to this. Tablecloths now come in every colour you could imagine. They're also available in many different materials and texures, as well as pretty, rustic and regal patterns.

Let's not forget about your napkins. If your budget allows it, I always recommend to my clients that they hire napkins in a colour that compliments their wedding pallette. Again, it's also worth considering texture and patterns that would work with your theme. Don't forget, napkins can be tied and displayed in MANY different ways, so have a little delve into Pinterest and YouTube for some inspo.

Lastly, table runners. These work particularly well on long tables and add a bit of depth to a tablescape. It's particularly popular now for runners to be roughly scrunched and draped across a table in quite natural, delicate materials such as gauze and cheesecloth.

Charger Plates and Placemats

If you've not heard of a charger plate before, don't worry, many couples are equally as perplexed by this term. To put it simply, it is a large plate on which your crockery sits. Or to put it even simpler, it's a plate for the plates. (Is it just me or is plate starting to feel like a made up word??) It's not essential for practical reasons, but is much more of a decorative feature.

Your choice of charger plate or placemat can really set the tone for your place settings. For example, a wicker or rattan placemat is naturally going to give off a rustic or Boho vibe, whereas a gold charger plate is going to feel more luxurious and elegant. You'll find nearly all tableware companies will offer a selection of charger plates, so look around for a good fit for you design.


As with all other elements, there is nothing wrong with using the plain white crockery provided by your venue or caterer. In fact, of all the tableware elements, this is the one I change the least. Your guests care more about what's on their plates than what they look like, but again, if you have the budget for it, it's worth exploring the options.

Tableware companies are getting more creative with their crockery, from the shape to the colour, the patterns to the rims. There are some truly gorgeous designs that are worth considering. I would advise more unique plates are particularly worth investing in. As with everything, the subtle differences might be less noticable and less worth paying for. Let me give you a good example. Picture a Mediterranean themed wedding. How beautiful would it look to have blue floral dinnerware paired with olive sprigs, lemons and foliage?... You might as well be in Italy!


This might not be one you'd think to hire in, but it's worth considering. You're pretty much guarenteed to be offered silver cutlery as standard, but if for example silver isn't your thing or would clash with the rest of the table design, then don't be afraid to upgrade!

The most common cutlery swap my clients opt for, is switching from silver to gold. In all honesty, I can't bare a metalic clash, so if you want gold candlesticks and tealight holders, we're renting gold cutlery!

Other cutlery options include copper, pearl and bamboo handles.


Similarly to crockery, this wouldn't be my first priority to spend money on, but if you can afford it, you can now hire glassware of many different styles. I'm sure you have a set of fancy glassware at home that you get out for special occasions? Well... it's a pretty special occassion if you ask me! Glassware can be cut in unique, sophisticated and elegant designs. It's also very popular to have gold rimmed glassware at the moment.

If you want to add a pop of colour, you would be surprised how easy it is to get hold of coloured glasses nowadays. You don't need to change the entire set, but perhaps consider just hiring in some pretty coloured water glasses to tie in the design.


You've sorted your essentials, but what else can you add to the table to make it really special? Napkin rings are a great accessory that comes in MANY different designs. Rattan, gold, wood, crystals and pearls are some of many materials used to shape these lovely little rings.

Bows are also very in at the moment. They hold virtually no purpose, but they look SO cute on a place setting.

Your stationery can also serve as decoration, so don't feel you have to opt for plain white paper. Get creative with your menus and place names to finish off the look with style.

If you need further inspiring or would like help with your tableware and decor choices, I offer a stand alone Design and Styling service. Following an in depth meeting where we discuss all of your ideas and preferences, I will create a detailed design brief, which you can send to suppliers and refer back to throughout the planning process, to ensure everyone is on the same page and your vision is manifested. Drop me a message using the Contact Form for a no obligation discovery call.

For more blogs on all things weddings, please feel free to head the Blog page on my website.


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