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10 Table Plan Ideas

Your table plan is logistically a very important piece of the wedding puzzle. Without it, your guests would have no idea where to sit, and frankly, it would be a shambles (unless of course you have a much less formal set up and would prefer not to have a seating plan at all!) In most cases, this is an essential piece of stationery, that requires a fair bit of planning. It doesn't have to be just a practical element however, it can also feature as part of the decor! There are so many ways in which you can display your table plan and blend it into your beautiful wedding design, or make a statement! Here are some interesting ideas you might not have thought of...

1. Acrylic

Very in at the moment! Acrylic signage is clean cut and modern-looking. It's stylish and generally tends to be quite minimalistic. You can also have acrylic table numbers, smaller acrylic signage and even an acrylic guestbook to match. Not only that, but you can consider adding smaller details such as coasters, cocktail toppers and stirrers made from acrylic.

2. Mirror

Choose a large, framed mirror you like the look of and use this as your table plan. Either ask a stationer to write the table names on it with a permanent glass pen, or have the individual tables printed and stuck onto the mirror with a wax seal. It's pretty, different and you can hang it up in your home after the wedding!

3. Perspex

Perspex is a transparent plasic material. Similar to a mirror in that you can ask a stationer to draw on it, or possibly even DIY it yourself if you have nice handwriting. Due to it's simplicity, it can go with almmost any style of wedding.

4. Shutters

Wooden shutters can make for great table plans! Even old rickety ones. You can easily slot escort cards into the slats, or simple stick/hook printed table cards onto them. I would say this technique is particularly suitable for a rustic wedding. It's quirky and simple to do.

5. Fabric

Consider using fabrics (in any colour) to print or hand paint your tables onto. Linen is a particularly popular fabric to do this on. It creates a softer feel and almost looks like a large unravelled scroll - very romantic!

6. Shots

Now, this idea is for my party animals! If you're a slightly wilder couple who likes a bit of fun, have personalised shot glasses displayed either on a purpose built structure, or simply laid out on a table. Have the words "take a shot and take your seat" on show and start your wedding breakfast with a kick! You can personalise glasses permanently for your guests to take home, or simply put little name tags on cocktail sticks in them.

7. Bud Vases

If you're a flower-lover, this is a perfect excuse to get some more floral decor into the wedding. Have little bud vases displayed with your guests names written on a tag and tied round them with ribbon. It's a lovely idea to choose a single flower specifically for each guest, which you feel represents them. Possibly a little time consuming and not necessarily cheap, but very romantic and aesthetically beautiful.

8. Luggage Tags

If you're a couple who loves to travel, then this one's for you! Use real or DIY luggage tags to write your guests names on and maybe even pin them onto a map of the world. It would make sense to also name each table after countries or cities you've visited.

9. Personalised

Think of something original that's completely unique to you. I once had a couple who met on a trainer brand photoshoot, so they had pairs of trainers beautifully personalised to decorate the table plan and it worked so wonderfully. Your friends and family will love to see parts of your story throughout the day so think outside of the box!

10. Favours

If you want to give favours on your wedding day (totally not essential), then use them to create your table plan. This could be edible gifts, coasters, personalised shells or soaps. Whatever they are, double them up to be used as a table plan. Just stick or tie a label to them and arrange them in a clear and pretty display.

To read more blogs on all things weddings, head back to the blog page on my website. As always, if you're looking for any support or advice on your wedding planning journey, please don't hestitate to reach out via the contact form.

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