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Bridesmaids Duties

It's safe to say that most brides couldn't get married without their girl squad beside them. People often say we have different friends for different reasons, and naturally everyone is going to have strengths in varying areas, so if you're the bride, you might want to bear this in mind when deligating important tasks. But what are the duties that need to be assigned?

Plan The Hen

Pre-wedding, one of the most exciting parts of a friend getting married.... is the hen do! This is traditionally planned by the bridesmaids, with the maid of honor taking lead. If you're worried about not enjoying what your MOH might plan for you, then select the bridesmaid with the most common interests to be in charge. This will give you a much higher chance of enjoying the festivities.

For the fun bridesmaid.

DIY Projects

If your wedding design involves any DIY projects, then it's needless to say you should ensure you select your most creative bridesmaid(s) to help you. If it's something simple, get them all involved, but anything more complex that requires a good eye or a steady hand, think carefully before inviting everyone over to help. Having the wrong help will likely stress you out more than doing it on your own!

For the creative bridesmaid.

Set Up Assistance

If you don't have a wedding coordinator, then you'll likely be setting up all of the decor yourself, either the day before or the morning of. The best thing for this is ALL HANDS ON DECK. You should be able to rope all of your bridesmaids in to help with this. Every pair of hands will save you time. Same goes for the groomsmen.

For ALL of the bridesmaids.

Getting Ready Morning

On the morning of the wedding, most brides will want to get ready with their girls. It's much more fun after all! Your bridesmaids should all ensure they're there bright and early, at the ready to have their hair and makeup done when called. It's a good idea to create a playlist for this part of the day to ensure all of your favourite tunes are played to put you in a good mood. If you don't get round to doing this, ask one of your bridesmaids to be on music duty - obviously, the one with good music taste!

For ALL of the bridesmaids.

Ladies Room Buddy

Depending on the size and complexity of your dress, going to the toilet might be a serious operation and it's unlikely you will succeed on your own. Appoint one or even two of your gal pals to be your toilet buddies. They will ensure you get out and back into your dress as painlessly as possible. They will also be a listening ear for any venting, to have a giggle with or a moment of calm.

For the empathetic bridesmaid.

Hair & Makeup Checker

Although your makeup artist will do her utmost to ensure your hair and makeup is ready for battle, chances are, it's not going to stay flawless for the entire day. Appoint a hair and makeup checker to inspect your hair and face throughout the day, and top up/fix/brush/wipe accordingly.

For the beauty-obsessed bridesmaid.

Dress Holder

Most bridal gowns will have some form of train and it's probably not something you're used to dragging around with you all day! If not looked after, she will get repeatedly hooked, trodden on, pulled and traipsed through mud. To avoid these unfortunate events, have a bridesmaid solely in charge of keeping that baby out of harms way as much as possible. She will be in charge of picking her up and carrying her to safety whenever needed.

For the sensible bridesmaid.

Bouquet Holder

Another precious pocession that needs looking after. Many brides now keep their bouquets to be dried, so it's important this is kept in a good condition. At certain points in the ceremony, photos and generally throughout the day, you will need to put your bouquet down. You likely won't want it to be trampled, or lost, or dropped, so pass it over to your designated bouquet holder.

For the sensible bridesmaid.

Guest Gatherer

Particularly during the group photos, there will be a lot of herding cats. Though there should be a shot list prepared, your poor photographer won't know who anyone looks like, so it can be really helpful to have one or two people there to assist with gathering the correct people for photos. This is the part of the day that can drag out and become stressful if not efficiently dealt with, so the more help you can acquire, the better.

For the authoritative bridesmaid.

Guest Book Duty

You've likely bought some form of guest book to be signed, or polaroids to be taken, or an audio guestbook to be recorded. You would be surprised at how many guests manage to miss this at weddings and couples don't end up with the volume of messages they were hoping for. Enlist a bridesmaid to take charge in directing guests to do this task.

For the confident bridesmaid.

Food + Drink Checker

It's a big day, full of many events and many loved ones. There's going to be a lot running through your mind and adrenaline running through your body. You're likely to forget that you haven't drunk much water, or eaten hardly any food. Keeping on top of this is crucial if you want to last all day and feel great for the duration of the wedding, so ask one of your bridesmaids to check in with you at regular intervals to ensure you've been looking after yourself.

For the mother figure bridesmaid.


The number one most important rule for every bridesmaid, is to support the bride. It's a big day full of many emotions and your bridesmaids should be your ROCK. They should be there to laugh with you, cry with you and dance the night away with you. Choose your bridesmaids wisely, and make sure they know their duties by sending them this blog!


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