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11 Bridal Makeup Tips

We all want to look our very best on the big day, and our face is a pretty vital part of that final look! Selecting the right makeup artist and makeup look for you is crucial if you want to look back on your wedding photos and smile at your own fabulous beauty. I'm going to highlight some invaluable makeup tips so that you can be well informed when making those all important beauty decisions...

Create a Moodboard

Head over to Pinterest and start searching bridal makeup. Pin your favourites onto a specific makeup board. You'll likely see a pattern in the type of style/colour palette you're drawn to. You can then use this to show your makeup artist, which is the best way to visually demonstrate what you want to acheive.

Have a Makeup Trial

Probably the most important tip is to have a makeup trial. Having a practice before the day is a must so you can be sure you're happy with the chosen look. You don't want to wing it on the day and decide you hate it 15 minutes before it's time to head to the ceremony! Be honest with your artist and tell them everything you do and don't like. Wear a top in a similar colour and ideally cut as your dress.

Trust But Don't Over-trust

It's important to have faith in you makeup artist, but don't let anyone hijack your look completely. Though they may know what tends to look good on brides and faces, they might not know how you or you partner like you to look. You don't want to rock up to the alter looking like a totally different person!

Opt for Individual Lashes

Having individual lashes creates a more natural look and you won't feel them as much! False eyelashes often come on thick strips which you tend to cover with eyeliner. We don't want anything too harsh on the face to distract from your natural beauty. Go for differing lengths for a more soft, fluttery look.

Don't Wear an SPF Foundation

Sounds like a weird one, but it's actually recommended to not use an SPF foundation on your skin if you're having photos taken. The light bounces off the skin, which can actually make you look washed out.

Use Tear Friendly Products!

It's going to be an emotional day, and even the hardest of women (and men) struggle to hold it together through the entire day - particularly the speeches! You will definitely want to be wearing waterproof eye makeup to avoid smudging. Another tip here is to catch your tears with tissues, don't let them run down your face as this will leave a stain.

Buy The Lippie You Loved at Your Trial

When you have your makeup trial, your artist will have a selection of shades and usually brands with her/him. Once you've found THE ONE, treat yourslef and buy the exact same lippie so you can top up throughout the day. Also, ask your artist to recommend a good powder you can use to touch up throughout the day and night.

Tame The Veil

Particularly if you're getting married or having your drinks reception outdoors, be aware that veils can often fly around and smudge your makeup. This is one to note for all you beach wedding brides. Consider weighing your veil down so it doens't fly around. One way to do this is by buying magnetic jewels/pearls you can attach to your veil, which adds enough weight to keep it at bay while also adding embellishment.

Use a Setting Spray

It's a long day! If you want your makeup to withstand the tears, the sweat and the weather, using a setting spray to keep your makeup in place is the way forward. Ideally, bring a setting spray with you and use it throughout the day.

Put a Bridesmaid on Makeup Duty

It's unlikely you will get many opportunities to look in the mirror. You will have so many things to think about and so many people to chat to, keeping your makeup in check probably won't be top of your to do list. Appoint one of your bridesmaids to keep a close eye on your makeup, and let you know when you need a top up or to fix any smudges.


Allow plenty of time for both your hair and makeup to be completed. The last thing you want to do is rush and panic on the morning of your wedding. Chances are you'll be unhappy with the finished look, in which case you'll have little to no time to correct it. Schedule plety of time for you and your girls to be done and don't leave yourself to the last minute.


Unless you're particularly good at makeup, leave it to a professional to paint your face. Ensure you have tried and tested your chosen look and be honest with your artist. Be well equipt throughout the day with essential makeup items in your or your bridesmaids bag and top up when you need to. Take all the steps to ensure your makeup withstands the day and looks fabulous in photos.

For more tips and advice on all things weddings, head to the blog page of my website. For enquiries or personal guidance, drop me an email or submit a contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! XxxFJ.

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