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18 Unexpected Wedding Costs

You've got a spreadsheet ready with your budget break down and you're feeling organised and prepared to take the wedding planning on, but even the most organised of couples can easily forget to factor in a number of costs... and they really do add up! Here are 18 unexpected wedding costs you'll be glad you knew about.

1. Hair & Make Up Trials - While trials are often included in the price of a hair and/or make up package, what if you want to try multiple artists/stylists? You're well within your rights to try before you buy, but with some brides attending up to 4 trials at £50 - £100 a time, this can equate to a large sum.

2. Beauty Prep - Of course, you want to look your best on the big day, but remember to budget for all of the treatments you want to have - spray tan, nails, skin treatments, teeth whitening, hair colour, extentions, eyebrows, lashes... None of this comes free ladies!

3. Dress Alterations - This may be included in the price of the dress, but if not, you could be spending an extra £80 - £300 depending on the complexity of the alterations.

4. Accessories - The dress may be the most important part of your look, but most brides opt to add extra accessories such as a veil or hair pieces, jewellery, fragrance and don't forget you'll need shoes!

5. Underwear - You will be so excited to wear your gorgeous dress, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with porrly fitting underwear. Some dresses may require specialist undergarnments and let me tell you, good underwear doesn't come cheap. Also factor in garter and any sexy numbers you may want for the honeymoon.

6. Cake Cutting - If you haven't had your cake made by the in house chef, some venues actually charge you per slice. They can cut it for you and serve to guests individually, but this may well come at a cost.

7. Corkage Fee - You may think that buying in your own drink will save you a pretty penny, but you'll find that actually a lot of venues will charge you a fee per bottle! For example, a bottle of wine could be a £7 - £15 fee, on top of what you paid for it, so you will often find it is cheaper to buy the house wine from the venue itself.

8. Supplier Meals - When giving your caterer numbers, don't forget about your suppliers, like the photographers and band members. They need feeding too!

9. Gifts - It's likely that there are members of your family and friends who were with you every step of the way or significantly contributed to your big day, and you might want to give them a little (or large) something to say thank you.

10. Stamps - Your stationery is ready and looking gorgeous, but now it's time to send them and you've only just considered postage. Of course, depending on the amount of guests you're going to have, these tiny little pieces of sticky paper can certainly add up.

11. DIY Projects - Now, you may have been very chuffed with yourself for coming up with a bundle of things you can do yourself to avoid paying the professionals, such as stationery and decor, but have you really looked into how much materials are going to cost? Sometimes you will be surprised at just how much a DIY project is worth, let alone the time it will cost you.

12. Admin Fees - Most types of ceremonies and marriages will come with additional fees. You have to pay to give notice, there will often be registrar fees and you will need to buy your wedding certificate. Though a church usually has a flat fee, it will also usually offer additional costs such as for the organist, a choir etc.

13. VAT - Always check whether a price of a service or venue is including VAT or not. This can easily catch you out and is a hefty 20% extra, so be sure to look for this.

14. Insurance - Wedding insurance is a must! Check what each policy covers before buying.

15. Sound System - Check with your venue whether you will need to provide your own sound system for music and speeches etc. If you have a DJ or band coming, they may allow you to use theirs.

16. Transport - While you may have considered the fancy car that will be taking you to the church, what about extra transport? Are you staying in a hotel the night before? If it's far from home, you'll need to get there first. You may also want to consider transport for guests, such as a taxi shuttle or a coach/party bus.

17. Thank You Cards - You think you've got all of your stationery sorted, but what about after the wedding. You'll likely want to thank guests for coming and for any gifts they may have bought you, and this may mean more stationery.

18. Damage - Now, hopefully, this isn't one you'll be required to pay, but I'm sure you and your guests will have an absolute ball and well... accidents do happen. If there is damage to the venue or to any of the decor you may have hired, you're going to need some back up money to cover it!


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