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2024 Wedding Trend Predictions

It's nearing the end of the year and as a wedding planner, it's always super fun to pick up on growing trends and predctict what's going to boom in the year to come. 2024 is set to be a year of fun, fashion and entertainment and as a planner who puts guest experience at the forefront of her work, I’m here for it! I'm going to list 12 predictions that I'm so excited to see take the wedding industry by storm.

1. Champagne Towers

Who doesn't love the glamour of a champagne tower? If cake isn't your thing, and to clarify it is definitely my thing, but if not then this is a great replacement. Instead of the cake cutting moment you can create a champagne pouring moment. It's classy, it's fun and it's glam.

2. Removable Sleeves and Long Gloves

More brides are going to be opting for versatile or multiple wedding dresses to switch up their look throughout the day. Removable sleeves is something I've seen increasing over the last year and I think they will continue to flourish. Long gloves, some sheer with pearls or diamonte's are also getting hotter.

3. Grazing Tables

This definitely isn't a new trend, but one that's become really popular over the last few years and is staying strong at the top of the list. They're rustic, they're 'instagrammable' and they're versatile. Grazing tables can feature anything from your classic charcuterie-style foods, to a selection of sweet treats.

4. Sparklers and Cold Sparks

There's something oh so magical about fireworks, and while they can cost a fortune, the simple sparkler can bring that same enchantment but for much less money. I've seen them used more and more over recent months and I think they're going to feature in most weddings to come. They make for a fabulous photo, but do have to be scheduled late at night to catch the darkness in summer. I'm also seeing a rise in cold sparks, usually during the first dance, and what a fabulous spectacle they make!

5. Film Photography

Film photography is making a comeback! With couples now seeking an old school look for their wedding photos, film photography offers an authetic style like no other. It's real, it's raw and it's charming.

6. Signature Cocktails

More commonly an American thing, British couples are starting to adopt this fun idea. During the evening reception, or cocktail hour, couples will have pre-selected two or a small handful of cocktails they love to be served, and named them after perhaps themselves, their pets or sentimental places they've been.

7. Wedding Content Creators

Yes that's right, it's a thing! You can now hire a content creator specifically for your wedding day. Receive a huge amount of photos and videos the very next day and receive pre-made reels/TikToks ready for you to post. This is actually a service I offer either alone or discounted alongside one of my other packages.

8. Audio Guest Books and Selfie Mirrors

Immersive entertainment is quickly becoming a must-have at most weddings. Instead of, or as well as, having an old fashioned pen and paper guest book, you can now have guests record a message for you, which you can then listen back to after the wedding day for a giggle, or a little cry. Selfie mirrors are a new fun take on the classic photo booth and 360 photo booths are also an exciting novelty I'm seeing a lot.

9. Sax Players

Sax players are becoming one of the most popular choices for drinks reception entertainment and included in evening bands. Often with backing tracks and performing current tunes or Ibiza classics, it creates a jolly and summery atmosphere for guests. As a live performer myself, I'm a huge advocate for live entertainment and firmly beleive in the impact and value it adds to any event.

10. Short Veils

Since the likes of Sophie Haboo getting married and modelling a short, white veil, brides are beginning to copy this look and recreate the style of the 60s, working hand in hand with the new surge of film photography.

11. Drone Videography

More and more videographers are training to use drones and offering them as an add-on to their packages. They offer birdseye views of venues and big group shots of guests overhead. If the grounds of your venue are stunning, then this is a great feature that modern technology now offers at your disposal.

12. Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

Not only are live bands being prioritised for evening entertainment, as well as string trios, acoustic duos and solo performers being utilised for drinks receptions, but the wedding breakfast is now a part of a wedding day I'm seeing entertainment more commonly used for... and I love it! Why not make the meal just as much of a talking point as the rest of you day?

SO many exciting things come. As a wedding planner, it thrills me so much to see where trends are going and what type of year we're going to have ahead. It lights me up to know that couples are really focussing on the FUN element to their day and weddings are becoming increasignly entertaining events to attend!

For any couples looking to plan this type of wedding, I specialise in entertainment and guest experience, so do get in touch if you need any help along the way!


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