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6 Things Your Wedding Guests Really Don't Care About

Your guests undoubtedly care a lot about you and will love your day regardless of your wedding choices. If your budget is tight, there are a few things that they particularly won't care about, which could save you a lot of money. If you can afford it then I do believe all of these things can serve a huge purpose and be worthwhile additions to your day, but if you are trying to find areas to save, then here is some food for thought...

1. Invitations

Now, while I am a lover of beautiful stationery, this little piece of paper is not something your guests will remember after attending your wedding. Noone is going to judge you on the type of paper and font you used, or whether or not you went to a professional stationer (though there are so many talented stationers out there if design is important to you). The truth is that they will only end up in the bin the day after you say "I do", so you are best off saving your money and buying or printing them yourself. You can actually buy templates from Etsy which you can alter and have printed.

2. Dress Designer

The last thing your loved ones are going to care about is where you bought your dress, who designed it and how much is cost. If you love it, then they are guarenteed to think you look beautiful. There are now many brands out there that offer simpler dresses for less money such as JJs House, Club L London and even ASOS. Alternatively, if simple isn't your thing, consider buying a preloved dress. You can get hold of stunning designer dresses that have been worn once and dry cleaned to perfection, which you can buy for half the price!

3. Charger Plates

Yes, they make for a beautiful addition to your table settings, creating depth and layers, but your guests are going to be far more concerned about what goes on their plates than underneath them. You can usually hire charger plates from between £1.50 - £5.00pp, but of course if you have a larger number of guests coming then this can equate to quite a large sum of money! I would personally prioritise napkins over charger plates if you have to pick one, but that is preferential.

4. A Perfect First Dance

Your first dance is a beautiful moment that will often bring a tear to many of your guests eyes. In my opinion, the more authentic this moment is, the better. Don't feel you have to hire a professional dance teacher to choreograph and teach you a seamless routine. It will take up your time, money and brain power, and then be over in a couple of minutes. Allow yourself to relax and live it as it comes.

5. Favours

Your guests aren't attending your wedding to recieve a gift at the end. Often they will gift you with something they know you want or need and are saving you from having to buy it yourself. Favours are not at all a neccessity and can cost a fortune. It is absolutely a lovely touch, but if you need to find some more room for spending then favours won't be expected or missed.

6. Shoes

While shoes may be incredibly important to a bride, realistically, we all know that they are usually hidden under your dress for the entire day. You may get a few snapshots of them while you're getting ready, but unless you're wearing a short dress, will your guests even get a glimpse of them? Perhaps if you're going for a style that can be worn again then a more expensive pair might be worth while, but otherwise you may be wasting a chunk of your budget on something that noone except you will get to enjoy. Make sure they are comfortable too... you're in those babies all day and you want them to carry you through it painlessly.

As I said before, all of these things can be wonderful additions to any wedding and can each serve a meaningful purpose in their own right. Some may be more important to you than others. There is no right or wrong, but if you are worried about what your guests might think, then you'll be pleased to know that these things hold less weight than you may think. In fact, there are generally only 3 main points your guests will actually remember!.. Did they go hungry, were their drinks topped up, and did they dance and enjoy the entertainment? If you've got those 3 boxes ticked, it's safe to say that your wedding will go down as an incredible one with all your friends and family.


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