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8 Hot Weather Wedding Tips

If you're getting married in the UK, it's going to be pretty hard to predict the weather. Though we're all too used to it letting us down, you don't want to get caught in a heatwave without having taken any precautions. Here are some things to think about to avoid MELT-downs.

1. Hydration Stations

We all know that it's important to stay hydrated in the heat, so you need to make sure you're providing your guests with access to water. Consider placing a bottle of water on or under every seat at the ceremony, or fill up kilner jars with water for guests to top up themselves.

2. Shade

If you're having an outdoor ceremony or drinks reception, look at where you could create shade. Perhaps hire a small marquee for a chillout area, or a few parasols you can dot around. Utilise any trees by placing seating underneath them. It's also crucial that you provide shade for any live musicians who might be performing outside.

3. Provide Suncream

The last thing you want your friends and family to remember from your wedding day is having sun burn. Sun cream is cheap to buy and could save your poor guests from post-wedding soreness. Buy a handful of bottles and ensure everybody is aware of them.

4. Consider Your Hairstyle

It's never too late to change your mind on your hair style (unless you're already on your way to the ceremony of course!) If you've opted for a hair down do, consider a hot weather contingency plan. You can of course always stick to Plan A, but if you get hit with a sweltering day, your hair will act as a sweaty scarf around your neck. Think about up do's that you like the look of and discuss them with your hair stylist as a potential back up plan.

5. Makeup Hacks

On a similar note, your makeup is another area to think about in times of heat crisis. If you have booked a makeup artist, he/she should know all the tricks, but if you're doing your own, opt for a lighter foundation. Use a translucent setting power under your eyes and forehead, and a setting spray to finish off. Bring makeup in your or your bridesmaid's bag to top up throughout the day, especially your powder and setting spray.

6. Fan Favours

This is an idea I often recommend to my clients. Buy a bundle of hand held fans for your guests. You can either choose classic, plain fans, or even have them personalised. Place one on each chair at the ceremony so that every guest gets one at the beginning of the day and can fan themselves as and when they please. It also doubles up as a lovely wedding favour and keep sake.

7. Mocktails

It's no secret that alcohol dehydrates us, so mixing it with a hot day could result in headaches and an early home time. Though you want to ensure you and your guests have ample fun, it might be an idea to provide some mocktails during the drinks reception to ensure maximum longevity. You can't party the night away with guests who have had to call it quits earlier than expected, so put them in good stead with some alcohol-free drinks in the sun.

8. Bathroom Toiletries

Putting together a little basket of toiletries could be a life saver for some. Think deoderant, hairbands, suncream, headache tablets and dry shampoo. All things that will keep everyone feeling as fresh as possible when the weather is against them. It's a lovely touch that your loved ones will really appreciate.


Now I'm not saying this one has to depend on the weather! Ice lollies and ice cream is an all year round pleasure, but on a hot day, hiring an ice cream van or tricycle is a lovely idea for your drinks reception or evening reception. It's a delicious treat for guests that will help to keep them cool and their bellies full.

For more tips and advice on all things weddings, check out the other blogs on my website, or for more personal guidance, feel free to send me an email via the contact form.


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