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How To Choose Your Veil

Choosing your veil might seem like a minor and simple task, but it can change the entire essense of your overall look. You'd be surprised at just how much veils can vary, from the shape to the length, material to the trim and detail. Your veil frames your dress and can totally change the vibe, so let's go through the options and help you to undertand what kind of veil might be best for you.

The Length

Lengths can range from a bird cage veil, usually made from net or lace at 4" - 9" long, all the way down to a cathedral veil, extending beyond the train of the dress at 108" - 120". When it comes to length, it's mainly important to bear in mind the weight of the veil. Though they may seem like light, floaty pieces of material, they can actually add quite a lot of weight to your head, especially considering it is hanging from your hair! You want to be comfortable, so it's definitely a good idea to try it on and walk around with it to see if you can bear it.

It also comes down to the look you are trying to acheive. If you were hoping for a really dramatic effect, then go the full hog with a chapel (90") or cathedral veil. If you were hoping for a traditional veil that doesn't outshine the dress, then go for a shoulder length (20" - 22") or elbow veil (32"). Perhaps you want to create some excitement for the ceremony, for which you can opt for a blusher veil (30"), which falls over the face and is pulled back by the groom, creating a touching moment. If you're going for a dress with a low or detailed back, then you might want to opt for a fingertip veil (38" - 40") or longer, to allow the design to be seen through the sheer fabric without any interference from the veil edge.

Considering Your Hairstyle

Let's not forget your hairdo! Different hairstyles may have an impact on the veil you choose and visa versa. If you have your heart set on an up do, then you don't want your veil to cover it. In this case it's best to find a veil that can be pinned underneath the bun so it can be seen in all it's glory. On the other hand, if you wanted your hair to flow free, then you might want it to be pinned at the crown of your head to add volume. Most veils can be pinned either way, but it's just something to consider when trying them on.

If you were also hoping to add accessories into your hair, then discuss this with your hairstylist so they can advice you on what veils and accessories might works best together without creating a look that's too busy or uncomplimentary.

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Try Before You Buy

Don't be afraid to try on multiple veils. As I've mentioned, it really can transform the whole look of your gown, so experiment with different shapes, styles and lengths to see all the ways you could wear it! You might surprise yourself and decide you want to go for a much more dramatic effect than you originally thought. Or, you might find that a floor length veil is too heavy, and you actually feel so much more comfortable in a shoulder length.

There's nothing wrong with having a mini veil fashion show in the shop if it means you end up with the veil of your dreams. Better that than to settle for the first one you try on, but to always be wondering what it would have been like to wear the chapel veil covered in pearls you spotted!

Dare To Be Different

Something you may not have realised, is that you can actually personalise your veil these days. Dare to be different with a bespoke veil made just how you imagined it. Perhaps ruffles is your thing, or you want your initials sewn into the end of the train. You can have specific floral patterns stiched around the trim, or perhaps even a pop of colour! Whatever it is, there are likely veil makers out there who will be able to do it, so don't feel dissheartedned if you don't find what you were looking for in the shops.

Perfect Dress and Veil Matches

Now, although I very much believe in your day your way, there are particular veils that really suit particular dresses. For a modern style, short, square-cut, layered veils work really well. Blusher veils are also a good choice. If you're going for a more vintage-style dress, then opting for a bird cage veil would compliment the theme. If you're getting married on the beach, having a longer veil will look beautiful blowing in the wind, and make for some sensational photos. Just make sure it's pinned in very securly! It might be an obvious one, but if you're going for a short dress, then it's definitely suited to a short veil, be it a bird cage, or shoulder length - don't overpower a cute little number with a mammoth veil.

In Summary

Ultimately, you can pair any dress with any veil you like. Just never go with the first veil you tried on without trying others first. Definitely never buy a veil without trying it on at all! Don't forget you can have a bespoke veil made if you can't find what you're looking for. And practice walking around with it, especially if she's a long one.

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