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Should I Invite Children To My Wedding?

This can often be a tricky and sensitive point for a lot of couples when planning their wedding. Do you invite children? Don't you? Do you invite your favourites? Or just your own?

The chances are, if you make one rule for one, and one for another, people will inevitably get offended. The best thing to do is to make an overall, uniformed rule and stick to it. In my opinion you have 4 choices...

1. All children allowed

Accepting all children to attend your wedding will of course add cost onto your budget. It can also get a little hectic and bring an essence of chaos, as children tend to do. However, if you adore kiddies, and particularly all of the children in your life, then this expense will be well worth it. I would recommend providing games and things like colouring books and crayons to keep them busy and out of trouble for as long as possible. Perhaps even consider hiring a childrens entertainer.

Do bare in mind though, that the parents of these children will naturally be limited in their own antics (and how late they can stay), so if you want your guests to go wild and party hard, then this may not be the option for you or them.

2. Adults only

Now, this rule is for those who find children more of a distraction than a delight. If you're not really a child lover, and don't want to have little ones running around your feet, screaming, popping balloons and stealing all the pudding, it's better that you stick to adults only and avoid the headache.

However, be aware that this may mean some guests will not be able to attend, especially guests travelling from afar. Some parents may struggle to find childcare, or simply not feel comfortable leaving them at home, particularly young babies. If this is the case, it is down to you to make an exception for say "under 1's", but this still may provoke questions for other parents.

3. Immediate family only

This option allows you to have your adorable neices and nephews there, without other families getting upset. It really depends on your relationship with your family, as you may well be closer to your friends than your families.

If family is your world, then this is a perfectly reasonable solution.

4. Childcare Service

This can be costly, but if you can afford it, hiring a childcare service will solve most of your problems. There are now plenty of services out there that provide childcare and can create a creche in your venue. This means that all parents can attend and bring every member of the family, but are able to leave it to the professionals to entertain them throughout the night, some even offering a 'sleepover' service for when the party starts and it's time for the little ones to rest.

This also takes the financial strain off of guests and the risk of being let down last minute. It calms any separation anxiety and frees parents of too much responsibility.

Children can add a lot to a wedding, including endless entertainment and cuteness, but don't feel guilty if you would prefer a child-free day. Kids can be unpredictable and you don't need anything getting in the way of your own fun and happiness. You can't always accomodate everyone and that's okay. Just ensure you make it clear in your invitations who is and isn't invited to avoid any confusion, and keep the rules consistent.


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