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Table Decor Ideas

If aesthetics are important to you, then the decor on your tables is going to play a pretty large part in your wedding design. When your guests walk in for the wedding breakfast, it's likely you'll want them to be wowed by everything you've spent months arranging. So let's consider all the different ways you can decorate a table to acheive various effects and levels of impact.


It makes sense to start with the basics. Regardless of design, every table is going to need plates, cutlery and linen. The standard in most venues is to provide white plates, white linen and silver cutlery. Now, there's nothing wrong with keeping this as your base layer. It's certainly a blank canvas that you can build on, but I would say this is ideal for a more understated design, as opposed to something really stand-out.

If you want to change things up a bit, then there are many tableware companies out there who hire out more elaborate tableware. For example, gold is now a popular choice for cutlery and candle holders. If you really want gold in your colour palette, then you don't have to be limited by silver cutlery. Equally, table linen now comes in every colour under the sun. If you're having lilac bridesmaids dresses and lilac flowers, then by all means, rent some lilac napkins in to tie the design together! There are also many different ways you can display and tie your napkins. The best place to head for napkin tying inspo is Pinterest or YouTube.

If you want to go one step further, have a look at hiring placemats or charger plates that compliment the theme. If you're going for a boho or rustic vibe, then wicker or seagrass placemats would work perfectly here. Or if you're going for a more luxurious, glamorous look, opt for gold rimmed or reef glass charger plates. There is something for every theme, so don't settle for what's on offer if you don't want to.


So you've sorted your tableware and created the base design, now it's time to decorate! The most obvious form of table decor is of course... flowers! Most couples will utilise flowers throughout the day, and even repurpose displays in different places around the venue, or even from one venue to another. A good idea is to place your table arrangments down the aisle for your ceremony before moving them for the wedding breakfast to get the most for your money.

You can display table arrangements in more ways than one. We have your classic floral display in a vase or footed bowl - classic and timeless. A popular choice now is to place arrangements on tall metal stands. This adds height and depth to the room, and guests can see through the stands meaning that it doesn't block their view of each other or take up too much space on the table. Or, simply placing a few bud vases around the table is an understated and less expensive way of incorperating flowers into your table design.


If you don't want to over-use flowers, or would love to think of a more unique alternative, then there are other options you can consider.

Potted plants for a rustic look are simple set-ups and can be given out as favours to guests at the end of the wedding making them a more sustainable option. Display them on a chopped log and surround with a few candles and you've created a whimsical forest vibe. Staying on the topic of candles, why not hire large candelabras as your centrepieces? You can't beat a candlelit dinner with dim lighting for a touch of romance. Don't forget you can also utilise foliage either on its own or as additional decor to cetrepieces. It works particularly well along the centre of long tables with small candles nestled in between. Dried flowers and faux trees such as blossom trees are also popular choices.


Wedding stationery is of course practical and informative, but it actually contributes massively to the aesthetic of your wedding design. The most commonly used stationery on wedding tables are menus, place names and table numbers/names.

If you can afford it, going to a professional stationer to create bespoke menus to suit your design is a great idea. The amount of looks you can now acheive is vast and stationers are getting increasingly creative. More and more we're seeing different cut shapes, ripped edges, gold foiling, pressed flowers, wax seals, gauze ribbons and an abundance of beautiful techniques to create breathtaking pieces. It can transform a table setting by taking a dull white plate and adding something that's been personalised and matched to your colour palette and taste. If it fits in the budget... do it!


Now, while you may have planned the most beautiful combination of decor for your tables, don't forget the chairs that surround them, beacause these will make a huge impact to the finished look. Chairs come in all different styles these days and while your venue may only provide fold up wooden chairs, you can now hire in chairs from many different companies, so you're not limited by this. Chiavari chairs are particularly popular at the moment and work with most themes and styles. If you want something a bit more luxurious, opt for Louis chairs. In my opinion, if you can avoid using chair covers then happy days, however, if your budget is really restrictive and you think the chairs your venue offers are hidious, then cover those babies up and perhaps decorate with chair drapes, ruffles or bows. Chairs can also be decorated with flowers, foliage garlands and signage.

The tables themselves usually aren't much of a probelem as they can be covered with linen, however do bear in mind that you can change tables as well if you want to. Perhaps your venue provides round tables and your wanted long rectangular ones... hire them in! Or maybe you didn't want to cover your tables with linen and wanted rustic wooden tables that look a little more solid than a standard trestle table. Generally, you'll be able to find whatever it is you want from somewhere if you're prepared to pay for it.

Remember that companies will also add on delivery and collection costs, so if you can get tableware and furniture from the same place, you'll save money on these travel fees.

In Summary

There are so many options out there now that can really elavate your ideas, so have a look around at inspiration to discover the many different paths you can go down. If creativity and design isn't really your thing however, but you really want a beautiful and unique aesthetic to your day, then I offer a Design and Styling Package either as a stand-alone service, or as part of my Tailored Planning or Full Planning packages, so have a look and do let me know if you have any questions on any of these.


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