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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Traditionally, guest books were introduced to allow guests the chance to give newlyweds some words of wisdom going into their new marriages. Guest books are still a popular choice for most weddings, which enables guests to write messages to the couple, be it advice, words of love, or something silly to make them giggle after the wedding is over. They make for a lovely keepsake and are a great way of re-living the day.

When you think of a guest book, you're likely picturing a big book with plain paper inside and a couple of pens next to it, but there are actually alternative ways you can present your guest book that are a little more unique...

1. Audio Guest Book

This is a farily new and increasingly popular guest book idea, where guests can actually record themselves saying their message. Often these are through antique phones or even in converted phone boxes. It's a unique gimmick that adds to your wedding design visually, as well as providing, often funny, voice messages to listen back to after the wedding day.

2. Puzzle Pieces

Buy a plain, wooden puzzle and display pens next to it for your guests to write on each puzzle piece. It's a cute metaphor for your friends and family being a part of your puzzle. Together, they complete you... aww! TIP: Make sure you buy suitable pens for the wood, such as Sharpies, and test them beforehand.

3. Jenga

A similar concept to the puzzle. Buy a wooden jenga set and direct guests to sign each piece. This is a fun one that you can use in your home at parties and always read each piece for a fond memory.

4. Sign an Instrument

If you're musical, or just love music, this is a great one for you! Buy an instrument such as a guitar and ask guests to sign it! It looks great up on the wall or you can of course continue to play it. Again, make sure you provide suitable pens. A similar idea to this is to use an old school record (or two) and have those signed and framed. A great one for you muso's out there.

5. Polaroid Guest Book

This is one I'm seeing A LOT of at the moment. Polaroid cameras are becoming increasingly popular, and couples are very often using them in their weddings. Instead of leaving them on tables, for you never to see the photos again, place them next to your guest book with tape or glue dots and instruct guests to take a picture, stick it in and write their message next to it. It's really lovely to be able to visulaise your guests on the day when reading your messages.

If you're having a photobooth, a similar idea is to place your guest book next to the photobooth and stick the printed photos in!

6. Artwork

There are a few different ways your guests can collectively create a piece of artwork for you. A really nice one is fingerprint tree painting. Have a print or drawing of a bare tree with many branches and provide paint for your guests to dip their finger into and print onto the end of a branch (just like how you probably did when you were 5.) This will gradually add leaves to the tree until it is complete and flourishing. TIP: Perhaps place some wipes next to it so that guests can remove the paint from their finger's afterwards! You could also provide a blank canvas with paint and brushes, allowing guests to add a brush stroke each, until you have a large piece of abstract art.

7. Globe Guest Book

For the travel lovers out there, why not provide a globe for guests to sign. Either leave it as it is and ask guests to sign somewhere on the globe that is special to them, or paint over it in white or a colour of your choice so loved ones can sign anywhere around it. It's also a lovely way of saying to them, " you mean the world to me."

8. Message In A Bottle

Just as it sounds, have your guests write a message on little pieces of paper, roll them up and pop them into a bottle ready for you to open up and read after the wedding. Get creative and decorate the bottle beforehand or just leave it clear. Perhaps you could provide little bits of string or ribbon to tie the messages with as well. Keep the bottle forever on your windowsill and open the messages whenever you need a bit of cheering up.


When it comes to any type of guest book, make sure you leave clear instructions for guests to follow. It might seem obvious to you, but people will be conscious of doing the wrong thing and may avoid it all together. Provide some form of signage directing guests and ensure it's big enough for people to notice, as well as being situated in an obvious place. Guest books are often missed, so make it easy to follow and conspicuous.

For any further guidance on your wedding planning journey, feel free to leave me a message via the contact form on my website!


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