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Wedding Lighting Ideas

I don't know about you, but I am an absolute sucker for lighting. Fairy lights, candles, lanterns, festoon lights, flashy lights, twinkly lights, party lights, ALL THE LIGHTS! Lighting makes a huge impact to the final look of your wedding and can be used as a great way to wow your guests. Here are some wedding lighting ideas you may not have thoughts of...


I thought I'd start with a big and boujee one - chandeliers! They've been around for decades so it won't be a news flash to you that they exist. However, you might not think to use them as decor if your venue doesn't already have one installed.

There are now more and more companies that hire out chandeliers and can install them pretty much anywhere, even outdoors! They add a real touch of luxery and glamour to any space and can actually slot into a few different styles. They could fit nicely with a 1920s-style day, or even work with a boho theme, something I've seen done multiple times and it really works! If you need to budget, keep the rest of your decor really simple, using foliage instead of flowers and rustic wooden tables, but add a few chandeliers into the mix and you've completely elivated the look. If you want the wow-factor, then this is a great use of lighting.


Going back much further than chandeliers, candles have pretty much been used since the dawn of time. Fire = pretty light. I think we'd all agree that candles make for a great ambience anywhere you go. Dim the lighting, light the candles - BOOM - romance.

They can come in many different shapes and sizes to suit many different styles. Your classic tealight can sit in a huge array of differently designed candle holders. Rustic, industrial, crystal, gold, silver, round, square, shaped like a naked lady. Don't be afraid to be bold and look around at all the different styles on offer.

What about candelabras? It might sound a little old fashioned, but you get 5+ candles in one and they make for great table centres. Simple but effective. Don't forget lanterns - the kind that sheapards used to use. You can now get large lanterns, generally in white, silver or gold, that can be place on the floor and dotted around at the feet of tables or backdrops.

Candles are the OG's of lighting, so don't underestimate them, but also bear in mind that there are now many venues that don't allow live candles indoors, so please check with them before booking.

Fairy Lights

I think back to my childhood, and always remember having fairy lights in my bedroom. Fast forward 20+ years, and there are still fairy lights in my bedroom.

There's something magical about them that adds a whimsical touch to any space. I mean, with the word fairy in them, they're bound to create a special feeling. Of course, they look best when they shine against the dark, so they're actually perfect for using in an outdoor area, as well as indoors. I'd definitely recommend dimming the lights if they're being set up indoors, so they can shine bright.

If you really want to create an impact, use fairy lights to create a conopy overhead - a ceiling of stars! Create a fairy light curtain to use as a backdrop or line the walls, or put little strings of fairy lights in jars and glass bottles to put on tables. The possibilities are endless.

Festoon Lights

Similarly with fairy lights, festoon lights are great for hanging above head in both outdoor and indoor settings. They give off a warm vibe, whilst well distributing light across the space. They work particularly well in marquees, tipis and barns.

Festoon lights, also known as party lights, are the perfect balance of practical and mood-setting. They create a romantic, summer of love-style ambience. They can plug in to the mains, or get them battery operated if you want to save a bit of electricity, or have no power supply in the area you want to illuminate.

Why not go a step further, and add round lanterns to your string of festoon lights to make it even more magical.


Uplighters can be used to highlight an area you want to bring to life. You can sit them at the trunk of a tree to light it from underneath. Evenly place them across the bottom of a wall to create a party atmosphere, with the shadows making for a sense of mystery. You can also set them to whatever colour matches your decor and theme.

Again, they can come wirelss, meaning you don't need a power supply, and you don't need to worry about anyone tripping over wires! An easy set up, for a powerful result, as well as an affordable technique for setting the scene.

Light Up Letters

These are becoming increasingly popular, with the words "LOVE" and "MR & MRS" being the most commonly used. Alternatively, you could get your surname spelt out, or just about any word or short phrase you want. Go for white for a timeless look, or unpainted wood for a more rustic appearance.

I'm also seeing more and more neon signs around. It's now quite accessable to have a personalised sign made, and as they are smaller than the large letters, you can generally have a longer phrase if you wish to, like "Mr and Mrs Williams. Est. 2022". You can hang them against a pretty backdrop like a flower/foliage wall, or even just a brick wall to create a perfect space for photos. The best part of having a neon sign made, is that you can keep it forever, and hang it up in your home if you so wish to.

Disco Ball

An absolute classic. Let's not forget about the humble disco ball. Reflecting light from tiny shards of glass, this old school beauty is being used with a combination of decor and styles, and slotting in wonderfully to add a touch of fun!

No longer must you only have a single disco ball hanging in the centre of the dance floor, couples are now hiring or buying in many, in a variety of sizes, and using them as part of their decor. Dot them around on the floor within foliage or pampass gras, hang many disco balls from above to get the party thriving, or place a mini disco ball on each table setting. This is one that's definitely making a come back, and it's one not to be forgotten.

Final Thoughts...

Lighting really is a tool you should be using in your wedding in one way or another. If your budget is large, then get a production team in to really create something spectacular with the use of lights. If not, stick to the candles and fairy lights to please the masses and make your day feel really inviting.


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