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When To DIY Your Wedding and When You Really Shouldn't

DIYing your wedding can sometimes save you a small fortune. Particularly if you are a creative person, there are many aspects that could be done by you if your budget is tight, but is it always worth it, or are there some things you should just leave to the experts? Let me highlights some prime examples for you...



If you have access to a computer, you can design the invitations yourself. Have a look on Etsy. There are tonnes of templates you can download and edit yourself to exactly how you want them. You can either print them at home, or send them to a printing company to have them done on special paper. There are loads of companies that will print in bulk for a fraction of the price of a professional stationer. Why not add some ribbon or your own little touch to add an extra bit of you.


Have you considered making your own veil? It actually isn't as hard as you might think. Veils can sometimes come with quite a hefty price tag, so doing it yourself or getting someone crafty to help you could be a great option and you can always customise it to add some personality.

Pew Decorations

Pew decorations don't always have to be added onto the large florist bill. There are lots of different things you can do here. What about potted plants? Or, you could bunch up simple flowers like gypsophila or foliage like eucalyptus and tie them to the end of the pews/chairs with ribbon or chiffon.

Make Up

Having your make up done might seem like a necessity, but if you're already quite competant with a make up brush and you know what you like, then there's nothing wrong with doing it yourself. It may even save you some morning-of stress when you decide the eyeliner isn't the way you like it and your eyebrows aren't the right shape!

For anything DIY, use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. There are tonnes of ideas out there that you won't have yet thought of. To learn how to do or make anything, YouTube is your best friend. You can be certain there is a tutorial out there for pretty much anything and videos are always the easiest way to follow creative instructions.



Food is definitely one of those things you don't want to scrimp on. Don't add to your stress in the days leading up to the wedding by trying to make the food for all of your guests! Not only is it a mammoth task that you really want to avoid, but one of the main things you can be sure of is your guests will always remember the food and how good it was. This is really an area where you want quality.


I would also be very reluctant to do your own flowers for time consuming purposes. Even if you have had lots of flower arranging practice, it will take up a lot of your time and you would have to do this the day or couple of days immediately before your wedding. I can't imagine that sounds particularly appealing? Dried flowers however can be made way in advance, but they can be quite expensive to buy and it is unlikely you will save much by doing it yourself.


This is an absolute no no! Your wedding images are the only part of your wedding you get to keep forever. You really don't want to look back on them for years to come and wish they had been captured by a professional. Even if you have a friend with a good camera, don't be tempted. If anything goes wrong or you hate the way they turn out, there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it.


I would really avoid saving money on your entertainment. Plugging a phone in with a playlist through the entire evening reception will leave such a hole in your night. Hiring a professional band or DJ will add so much value to the celebration experience. They know exactly how to get the party started and are guarenteed to make your night more memorable.

So, in summary, I would say a combination of DIY and hiring professionals is the way forward. There are always ways of saving money, but don't cut back on the important things, and don't load yourself up with so much to do that you forget to enjoy the ride!


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